The Dire Wolf Hunter, Roger: A Guide for Novices

The Dire Wolf Hunter, Roger: A Guide for Novices

A new character, Roger, the Dire Wolf Hunter, is introduced in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He is on a mission to eliminate werewolf dangers. For those gamers who are eager to become proficient with this agile hero, this guide provides a breakdown of the best build, skills, emblem, combinations, and more.

The Special Abilities of Roger, The Dire Wolf Hunter

The Dire Wolf Hunter: Passive – A Curse of the Full Moon

Roger is capable of transforming between human and wolf forms, each of which offers a unique set of benefits. Basic attacks slow down adversaries when you are in human form, but when you are in wolf form, attacks deliver additional damage based on the amount of health lost by the victim. Increase your damage output by making an early investment in attack speed equipment.

The Beginning of the Human Form Skill: Open Fire

This ability fires two shots, the first of which ensnares enemies and slows their movement speed, and the second of which weakens their physical defence mechanism. Make clever use of this ability to poke a target from a good distance. You should aim precisely to ensure that you hit, and then you should follow up with basic attacks to repeatedly activate the Full Moon Curse.

The second human form ability is called Hunter’s Steps.

Provides a momentary increase in both movement and attack speed. Perfect for quickly rotating the map as a jungler or for closing gaps when hunting foes because of its versatility. If you use it after the first skill, you can use it to run away from the opposition team when they are targeting you.

Ultimate – The Transformation of the Wolf

Roger makes a forceful lunge in the direction of the target, transforming into a wolf and doing damage while slowing down his opponents. While in wolf form, he improves his defence and his speed of movement. Utilise this in the first level to maximise your abilities in both the human and wolf forms. For additional boosts, activate once you have used up all of your human form talents.

Skills in the Wolf Form

The Dire Wolf Hunter: Lycan Pounce is the first skill with the Wolf Form.

Roger performs a lunge attack on foes, rendering them untargetable and dealing damage in a burst. It is possible to greatly shorten the cooldown by killing or aiding. After you have kited foes in human form, activate this ability to deal maximum damage. Make use of it to move away from foes or to avoid assaults, skills, and damage from turrets.

The second skill of the Wolf Form is the Bloodthirsty Howl.

When Roger sees adversaries with low health points, he lets out a howl, which increases his attack speed and adds to his movement speed. Use it when you are ready to unleash basic attack damage, as it is most effective against heroes with low health points. Maintaining activation will result in the Full Moon Curse passive being triggered.

The Dire Wolf Hunter: Making Roger a Successful Individual

A key component of mastering Roger is adjusting his build to suit the circumstances. The progression of the match should be taken into consideration when experimenting with items that improve attack speed, damage, and survivability.

Final Thoughts

When played strategically, Roger, the Dire Wolf Hunter, is shown to be at his best. In order to become a dangerous opponent on the battlefield, you must first master his one-of-a-kind abilities, then make use of his various forms, and last experiment with different builds. Now is the time to take BETSLOT world by storm and demonstrate the power that Roger possesses in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!